Personal Safety

  • 54401 Series Respirator Assembly

    Emergency receivers such as EMTs and Medical Personnel performing triage and decontamination, Police and CERT volunteers need respirators that will protect them without added weight and imbalance of a military style mask. You need respirators that meet your budget. The solution is the North 54400 Series gas mask. NIOSH approved for protection from tear gas, chloroacetophenone [CN] and chlorobenzylidene malononitrile [CS]), as well as other toxic industrial chemicals (TIC).

  • 5500 Series Half Mask
    with (2) N75001 Cartridges

    North has taken the most popular combinations of half mask, cartridges and filters and put them all together in one "convenient package" - the North 5500 Series Convenience Packs. Convenience Packs are ideal as a "visitor" respirator you can hand out to your sub-contractors, plant guests and other occasional users of respirators. Not available in Canada.

  • Standard N95 Disposable Respirator

    North 7130N95 and 7140N95 disposable respirators are the disposable workhorse you have been looking for. Ideal when workers must wear masks for extended periods. Available with or without an exhalation valve. NIOSH approved N95 for use in non-oil environments.

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